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A great Wine frontend for Mac OS X

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WineBottler is a great way to install and run Windows programs on your Mac without having to install Windows.

Download and install Wine and WineBottler

To download WineBottler, go to http://winebottler.kronenberg.org and click on "↓ download", below the large WineBottler icon. You'll be taken to the download page, and "WineBottlerCombo 1.1.xx.dmg" should start downloading automatically:

Once "WineBottlerCombo 1.1.xx.dmg" has finished downloading, mount the disk image (or have Safari do it automatically) and move Wine and WineBottler to your Applications folder:

Running a Windows application with Kronenberg's Wine

This is the really great thing about Kronenberg's Wine frontend: it doesn't require any use of the command line! To run a Windows application is as easy as you like:

  1. Double-click on the .exe file
  2. Select "run directly in Wine"
    • Optional: check "always use this option" to make launching Windows applications faster in the future
  3. That's it!

If all goes well, your Windows application will now be running inside of X11.

If your application isn't running, check out the Wine application database to see whether your application is supported by Wine and whether any fixes are available.