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This section of the website will provide tutorials for actions that go beyond downloading and installing an application. More tutorials will be added as needed, so leave a note if you'd like one!

Emulator Tutorials

Replace a PCSXR plugin

  • This tutorial shows you how to replace a PCSX-Reloaded plugin. Plus, if one of the plugins is broken, you'll be able to find a working plugin here.

Launch games with Mupen64Plus

  • This tutorial teaches you how to use Mupen64Plus from the command line (Terminal.app), how to build your own AppleScript Mupen64Plus rom launcher, and more!

Wine Tutorials

How to use Wine

  • A brief step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and set up Wine so that using your favourite Windows applications will be as easy as wine FavouriteApplication.exe

Install Windows Steam on Mac

  • This will show you how to use Wine to install the Windows Steam client on Mac OS X. You'll be ready to play your Windows games in no time!

Use Wine without Terminal 1: ".command" Method

  • Create a double-clickable shell script that will use Wine to launch a Windows application of your choosing.

Use Wine without Terminal 2: Automator Method

  • Create an application that will use Wine to launch a Windows application of your choosing.

Other Software Tutorials

Install Chromium Web Browser on OS X

  • This will show you where to find and download the latest version of Google's Chromium web browser on OS X.