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wxMupen64Plus for Mac (beta!)

The best MP64+ frontend (*not an emulator)

wxMupen64Plus isn't an emulator; it's a graphical user interface (GUI) for the best N64 emulator: Mupen64Plus. wxMupen64Plus makes it really easy to do a lot with Mupen64Plus, such as:

This page will help you download and install wxMupen64Plus so you can get right to playing N64 games on your Mac!

Official release download & installation instructions

1. Head over to the wxMupen64Plus download page and grab the Mupen64Plus0.x_combo.dmg disk image:


wxMupen64Plus download page

2. Open the disk image (or have Safari do it for you automatically):


wxMupen64Plus disk image

3. Drag wxMupen64Plus.app to your Applications folder.


wxMupen64Plus folder

4. Open wxMupen64Plus and enjoy!

Latest builds

This is beta software with some known issues. Among other things, you may need to restart wxMupen64Plus for plugin changes to take effect.

The following software is released under the GPL.

wxMupen64Plus build Date & time uploaded

Installing wxMupen64Plus latest builds

After you've downloaded wxMupen64Plus, you still need to inject it with Mupen64Plus before you can play N64 games on your Mac. This can be done in a few painless steps:

Skip to the next section if you already have a copy of Mupen64Plus on your computer

Injecting wxMupen64Plus with Mupen64plus

wxMupen64Plus is a frontend for Mupen64Plus, and it doesn't come with a packaged version. Luckily, injecting wxMupen64Plus with Mupen64Plus is easy, and I've thrown together two methods of doing this:

  1. A shell script (for Terminal.app)
  2. An interactive AppleScript
Shell script method

To use this code, copy and paste it into Terminal.app after making the following changes (if needed):

  • Replace ~/Downloads in the first line with the location of your mupen64plus-1.99.4-osx folder;
  • Replace x86_32 in the second and third lines with x86_64 if you want to use 64-bit Mupen64Plus
    • Warning: problems have been found using the 64-bit version of Mupen64Plus with wxMupen64Plus
  • Replace /Applications with the folder containing wxMupen64Plus

cd ~/Downloads
cp -rf mupen64plus-1.99.4-osx/x86_32/mupen64plus.app/Contents/libs /Applications/wxMupen64Plus.app/Contents
rsync mupen64plus-1.99.4-osx/x86_32/mupen64plus.app/Contents/MacOS/* /Applications/wxMupen64Plus.app/Contents/PlugIns
cp -rf mupen64plus-1.99.4-osx/x86_32/mupen64plus.app/Contents/Resources/* /Applications/wxMupen64Plus.app/Contents/Resources/
open /Applications/wxMupen64Plus.app
AppleScript App Method

In case you're uncomfortable meddling with the command line, I threw together a little application that will make this a quick and painless injection. Here's how to use it:

  1. Download Mupen Injector (GPL licence)
  2. Extract MupenInjector.zip and open Mupen Injector.app
  3. Navigate to and select wxMupen64Plus.app, then click "Choose": mupeniser2
  4. Navigate to and select mupen64plus.app, then click "Choose": mupeniser2
Finishing Up

If everything went smoothly, wxMupen64Plus should be up and running, and you should be ready to play Nintendo64 games on your Mac!

If you see something like this: Mupen64Plus wasn't successfully installed into wxMupen64Plus.app. Check out the comments for common fixes. If your problem isn't addressed there, you can add a new comment yourself.

If everything works for you, feel free to leave a comment, too!


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