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The PlayStation 2 emulator for OS X

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PCSX2/Mac is a Mac OS X port of PCSX2, the popular PlayStation2 emulator for Windows and Linux, and this page will help you get it up and running!

Download PCSX2 dependencies

For PCSX2 to work properly, you need to download a few more things (see the PCSX2/Mac guide for more information):

XQuartz (latest X11 package):


A section of the XQuartz download page

NVIDIA CG Framework (requires free sign-up)


A section of the NVIDIA CG Framework download page

Download PCSX2

Head to the PCSX2 Mac download page to download the newest version of PCSX2/Mac. You'll find the download throughout the post:


A section of the PCSX2/Mac download page

Which files do I download?

If you're running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), download the files from the following links on the PCSX2/Mac download page:

  • PCSX2/mac Snow Leopard (emulator installation package)
  • ZZOglPG 0.1.0 (latest video plugin)

If you're running OS X 10.5 (Leopard):

  • PCSX2/mac Leopard (emulator installation package)
  • ZZOgl 0.21.204 (video plugin)
  • ZeroSPU2 0.4.6 (audio plugin)
  • Portaudio (for the audio plugin)

Set up PCSX2

To get PCSX2 up and running, just a few more steps are involved:

  1. Select your plugin directory
    • Click Config in the PCSX2 window and select Configure
    • Click the Select Plugin Dir button (bottom left corner), select the plugins folder, and click Open
  2. Select your bios directory
    • Click Config in the PCSX2 window and select Configure
    • Click the Select Bios Dir button (bottom left corner), select the bios folder, and click Open
  3. Install a legally-dumped bios
    • Do a Google search on how to save a copy of your PS2 bios to your Mac. Note: SpeedofMac.com does not support the illegal acquisition of the PS2 bios or of PS2 games. This information is provided on the condition that it will not be used to violate copyright law.
    • Move your bios to the PCSX2 bios folder, located in /Applications/pcsx2.app/Contents/Resources/pcsx2. Run the following code in Terminal to open this folder easily: "open /Applications/pcsx2.app/Contents/Resources/pcsx2/bios".
  4. Configure your plugins
    • Make sure that you've checked "No logariphmic Z" in the video plugin settings to avoid missing textures!
  5. Run a game



Final Fantasy X opening scene


Final Fantasy X in-game


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