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This page will help you download and install PCSX-Reloaded so you can get right to playing PlayStation games on your Mac!

This page is still a work in progress and was released early to allow access to past change sets. For more information on how to get PCSX-Reloaded running on OS X, see the SpeedofMac PCSX section.

Latest builds (newest at bottom):

We've compiled the latest version of PCSX-Reloaded (available from PCSX-Reloaded's CodePlex site) for your convenience.

The following software is released under the GPL.

PCSX-Reloaded build Date & time uploaded

Installing PCSX-Reloaded

After you've downloaded PCSX-Reloaded, you just need to drag it to your Applications folder and you'll be ready to play PS1 games on your Mac!


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