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A humble Mupen64Plus launcher (*not an emulator)


MupenRocket is a launcher for the command-line-only Nintendo 64 emulator, Mupen64Plus. It's a way for you to launch and play N64 games on your Mac without having to know anything about using the command-line terminal (Terminal.app).


I threw together an OS X launcher for Mupen64Plus before there was a viable MP64+ frontend like wxMupen64Plus. wxMupen64Plus is a proper Mupen64Plus frontend, whereas my launcher is just an interface for the command-line version of Mupen64Plus; it does the command-line stuff for you.

I did it mostly to learn how to hack together a basic application, and I used AppleScriptObjC to do it. This little launcher has gotten more downloads than I ever thought it would, which is a great incentive to keep working on it.


MupenRocket requires:

  • An Intel Mac running OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
  • 11 MB of hard disk space


Although MupenRocket is technically a Mupen64Plus launcher, it does come with some handy features other than launching games:

  • Rom browser
  • Basic plugin configuration
  • Savestate tools (managing, launching, and backing up)
  • Hi-res texture tools (adding & viewing texture folders)
  • Mupen64Plus updating (you can select a newer version of mupen64plus.app for MupenRocket to use instead of its pre-installed version)

It doesn't do everything, though, like provide gamepad configuration and complete plugin configuration. But it should still come in handy!

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Bug reporting

Please post any bug reports or feature requests in the comments section of the release post: http://speedofmac.com/blog/mupenrocket-alpha-release-0-2/