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About & Contact Info


SpeedofMac.com is hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JS, using Komodo Edit for the coding and Cyberduck for the FTP stuff (as well as the command line).

This site started in December of 'aught nine (2009) with the intention of teaching people how to use their Macs to get things done faster. One of the things that took me a while to do was learn how to play console video games on my Mac, so the site has been sliding in that direction ever since.

Nowadays, the site's focus is on building and sharing the latest versions of some great console emulators.

More information coming soon!


Some of the best ways to get in touch with me are to find me on Tiwtter, leave a blog comment or leave a comment in the comments section of one of the pages on this site (preferably the relevant one!).

You can also e-mail me at info [at] speedofmac [dot] com.


SpeedofMac.com has been growing steadily since the site went live less than two years ago, and around 10,000 people (and growing!) visit this site every month.

If you'd like to advertise your website, software, or product on SpeedofMac.com, feel free to send me an e-mail at info [at] speedofmac [dot] com.